How to Get Rid of the Waist and Leg Pain

Many people who suffer from back pain also suffer from radiculopathy or sciatica. They usually describe it as numbness, a mild burning sensation, a feeling of needles and pins piercing, tingling, sudden pain or electricity around the hip or under the foot.

Opiate muscle syndrome, sciatica, and back pain cause severe pain and although many people find these symptoms to be related to these conditions, the methods used to treat them vary.

In order to successfully cope with the pain and help their patients, some health professionals have developed a concept called centralization, whose basic idea is that pain should move halfway up as it is cured.

This procedure is very likely to exacerbate the pain, but this is a clear indication that the treatment has positive effects. If the foot pain and symptoms decrease, it means that the method works. Most often, back pain does not increase much according to self-reported reports.

In addition, centralization is a key concept in the McKenzie method of treatment and evaluation. Thus, any evidence that confirms this hypothesis certainly adds credibility and relevance to this method.

In 2008, Werneke decided to carry out a test to determine whether the symptoms reported by patients after centralization was positive or not.

Patients suffering from cervical and lumbar syndrome were treated with different methods and not only with the McKenzie method.

The findings of this study were amazing! Only 17% of patients had symptoms associated with centralization. Perhaps the results were influenced by the type of injury, the timing of the treatments, and the type of treatment that patients followed.

However, it was evident that the concentration was much higher in patients who had more severe symptoms, was younger, and generally had better health.

On the other hand, non-centralization was associated with reduced ability in the functional task test and showed significantly higher rates of pain in patients with the lumbar syndrome. In subjects with cervical pain, non-centralization was associated with a higher rate of pain, but all other indicators remained the same.

In addition, it should be noted that the final results were not affected by the number of visits. More specifically, centralization probably helps predict pain and functional status in patients with back pain.

On the other hand, Robin McKenzie has tried to offer a different solution to these problems. He was a renowned healer and experienced specialist focused on reducing the pain associated with spinal disc problems.
This condition is characterized by pain that starts from the buttocks to the toes, affecting the entire leg.

This feeling can be described as a tingling or numbness that can be felt regardless of where you are - that is, whether you are standing, lying, sitting or walking.

So he invented a method that can help a lot in these cases. It's called "McKenzie Stress Exercises" and it has already helped hundreds of people reduce pain and concentrate it on this particular waistline, which is extremely beneficial.

Caution, if you have any discomfort, it is important that you contact the appropriate health professional and make the right diagnosis and follow the right treatment for your problem.

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