Liver disease symptoms

The liver, the largest organ of our body, is an organ with high self-renewal ability. On the one hand, it ensures the digestion of all foods and beverages taken orally, on the other hand, almost all medicines and nutritional supplements, making them beneficial for the body, making the parts that are not used and turning into a shape that can harm the body harmlessly. Gastroenterology Specialist Dr. Binnur Şimşek explained the tricks to be done to protect liver health.

If he is not treated like hepatitis B and C, we should be protected against viruses that can lead to liver failure. In particular, he/she should have vaccines against diseases that can be protected by vaccination such as hepatitis B and hepatitis A. Also, much attention should be paid to personal hygiene rules to prevent transmission of these viruses. Unprotected sexual contact, which can lead to the transmission of hepatitis B and C viruses, should be avoided. Care should be taken to use disposable materials in applications such as medical procedures (dental treatments, angiography, gynecological examinations, etc.) using non-sterile materials.

Obesity and uncontrolled diabetes disease; lead to fatty liver fatigue, which may begin as a simple fatty oil first and then lead to liver inflammation called fatty hepatitis. Fatty hepatitis can turn into cirrhosis after years. With healthy nutrition, adequate physical activity, and weight control, liver fat can be prevented. Therefore, consumption of fatty and carbohydrate foods should be limited, vegetable-fruit consumption should be increased, and ready-made food consumption should be minimized.

Exercise regularly: Exercise regularly should be done to maintain and increase muscle strength, gain joint and muscle flexibility, and strengthen balance and coordination. One of the most important activities that protect individual health is exercising. The endorphin hormone secreted during exercise helps reduce stress and make you feel happy. Therefore, exercise 3-4 days a week for at least 30 minutes.


Alcohol use should be limited; Individuals with concomitant liver disease should not drink alcohol at all. Alcohol can cause both fatty liver disease and alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis. '' Random '' medication should not be used without the doctor's suggestion: Many drugs or herbal products can have harmful effects on the liver. It is not always possible to predict in advance which medication or product can cause liver damage. In particular, some groups of antibiotics and pain medications, herbal products sold in herbal transfers and mushroom poisoning; can cause damage to the liver and can cause death if the liver transplant cannot be urgently caused by liver failure.

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